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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo taken by Isabella Santoro

Stillness never seemed so loud

As how it feels to be stuck frozen

Underwater, the darkness and silence surrounding

You as you push on the ice, your hands solid blocks

Of frozen fear, they can no longer shake, shake, shake

Until they become so still, they fall off

Until the dark abyss of a mind too stuck to

See the light at the top of the pond

As it struggles to worm its way out of a

Depressed hole in the ground of water, a dark

Pit of sand where the rocks split open your feet

As you drag yourself deeper and deeper

Until you’re encased inside the dirt that

Holds all of the happiness you long for

Stay there until you fill yourself with dirt

That chokes you, your mouth spitting

Happiness and hope, it tastes bitter on that

Tongue of yours, one you never use for

Anything other than spewing dirt and decay

Because it’s all you’re truly used to and

What’s even worse is that the dirt

Makes you feel as if you’re home

When the decay makes you feel safe

Like maybe if you stay there and

Never leave, nothing will ever get

As worse as it is now, to be stuck

In a frozen pond, your hands

Banging on the ice for release


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