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The misogynist got his endgame afterall: downfall of Joss Whedon

Kaicie Boeglin


Image via GQ

The Anchor previously mentioned the thread of allegations against film director Joss Whedon and is back to hash out his 'casually cruel' response. Allegations of Whedon's inappropriate, cruel, antagonistic behavior first started with ex-wife Kai Cole in 2017, then tranisistoned to Ray Fischer and Gal Gadot on the "Justice League" set in 2020, and then an outburst from former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" co-stars in early 2021. Whedon's response not only proves the accusations to be true, but also shows Whedon to be unapologetic and vindictive.

Whedon won't admit to every allegation, but he has now breached his silence for the first time ever in a car-crash interview with Vulture. He claims he can't take the people trying to "pry his legacy from his hands." Admitting to a percentage of the list of vile memories he engraved into the minds of others, Whedon still refuses to apologize. Whedon goes so far as to say he needed to have affairs while married to now ex-wife Kai Cole and admits to some of the lesser accusations, justifying them and then avoiding the rest.

Whedon claims Gal Gadot's first language is not English and she misinterpreted a conversation they had, in which he didn't threaten her career. Gadot wasn't surprised to hear Whedon lie through his teeth and then responded on Twitter saying, "I understood perfectly. I will never work with him, and would never suggest any of my peers to work with him in the future".

Whedon worked around every angle of Charisma Carpenter's description of him being a "casually cruel" person. Whedon explains that Carpenter's "mind was poisoned by trendy buzzwords and corrupt ideas". The more he played runaround with the accusations instead of taking accountability equated to him losing more fans and respect.

After an investigation into Joss Whedon by the WarnerMedia group resulted in inconclusive, Charisma Carpenter ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel'') took to Twitter to explain in immense detail her harassment from Whedon which ended in her being fired after giving birth. Carpenter was the first BTVS and "Angel" star to speak out publicly after the investigation's determination was given. After decades of hiding pain Carpenter, who participated in the investigation, was appalled and thus labeled her initial Twitter thread with #IstandwithRayFischer.

WarnerMedia attempted to dismantle future opportunities for Fischer after Fischer announced his claims about Whedon. Whedon never came to comment on any allegation from "Justice League" cast and crew, BTVS & Angel cast and crew. Admits the pandemic slowing down many job markets and the fact films and television need only one director, in order to get work Whedon needed to wipe his slate.

Whedon is seeking to pursue his career in a society that is changing. For decades this mysonigst and cruel human hid behind a feminist facade that was truly the ideas of past teammates and his ex wife. The shame that is Whedon's persona has ruined his career and hindered the shows attached to his name. As an individual raised with Buffy, Willow, Xander, Cordelia and Giles as spirit guides, I am here to say that the writers and cast of Buffy did more than any contribution from Whedon and they deserve all the credit Whedon stole from them.


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