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Registration for spring classes start soon

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Rhode Island College’s fall 2022 semester is one month out from being over. This means that it’s now time for students to start registering for their spring 2023 classes.

Before a student can select the classes they want, there is a universal advising hold put on their account. The reason why is because it requires students to meet with their academic advisor first to go over what courses they’ll need to take.

Following that meeting, the advisor will remove the hold. If that hold isn’t removed, the student can’t register for any course. Some advisors may require a meeting to be scheduled via Starfish. Other advisors may just prefer an in person or Zoom meeting. Those who don’t know who they’re academic advisor is can find out how to do so here

There may be additional holds aside from universal advising. Two other holds students may notice on their accounts are a financial, library or immunization hold. Those who notice a financial hold after logging into their MyRIC are urged to contact the Bursar’s office by phone at 401-456-8130. In the event of a library hold, RIC asks that students reach out to the Access Services department by phone at 401-456-9617. And for a immunization hold, Health Services are reachable by phone at 401-456-8055.

Certain students will have a different day where they are allowed to start registering for courses. According to the college’s 2022-203 academic calendar, for non-degree, undergraduate students, that day is Monday, Jan. 9. For non-degree, graduate students, the first day is Tuesday, Nov. 29. Degree students can start registering for their classes next week on Monday, Nov. 14 at 7 a.m.

All the course offerings RIC has for next semester are viewable on the 2023 spring course bulletin.

Before spring classes start in January, there are early spring courses available, too. Non-degree students can register for early spring courses, after contacting the Records office, on Monday, Nov. 28.

On MyRIC, students can put their desired classes in an enrollment shopping cart, which is similar to any online website's “add to cart” button. The classes stay in the shopping cart, and students just have to click a couple of buttons, saving them the time it would take to search for each class, on registration day.

For students in the honors program, there are a few courses they’re able to take next semester. Those classes can’t be put in an enrollment shopping cart. Students in that program have to take at least five honors gen ed courses. To register for the honors courses available, email Dr. Rebecca Sparks, who is the director for the program at


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