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Chezney DaSilva-Gomes

Anchor Contributor

Graphic by Thiago Matos


It can be stressful

It can be scary

Not knowing something can put you on edge

It can even push you to the deep end, the brink

It can make you feel powerless

It drains you emotionally

It traps you in a downward spiral of endless “what-ifs”

Uncertainty can affect people in different ways

It can consume you

Feel like your throat is getting dry

And your heart is racing

Uncertainty is like being caught in a black hole

Once it pulls you under there's no coming back

You disappear without a trace

Wither away

The higher I fly, the harder I fall, and you can think is it worth it all

Take a risk to fix it all

Maybe im lucky to be here at?

It consumes me

And it may hurt me

Second guess yourself

Will it be worth it all?

Did I make the right decision?

Too consuming

What should I do?

Am I right or wrong?

The Uncertainty of it all


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