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Chezney DaSilva-Gomes

Anchor Contributor

What do you say when someone asks you how you are?

My typical response is ok or fine.

I am okay. I am fine.

F: fed up

I: in pain

N: not good enough

E: empty

O: out of sorts

K: keep telling yourself you got it…

A: absent

Y: you’re detached

F: falling apart

I: invisible

N: numb

E: emotional

O: overlooked

K: knowing you’re at your lowest

A: anguish

Y: you sit there with a smile

I hate when our parents tell us they know us better than we know ourselves. If she knew me better than I know myself she’d know I’m not happy.

H: hurting

A: anxiety

P: paranoid

P: pathetic

Y: yelling inside

H: hopeless

A: alone

P: pitiful

P: pretending

Y: young

Does she know I feel empty sometimes? To the point where I have no motivation left in me. She thinks when I lock myself in my room I'm a typical teen who wants my own space but that’s not the case. Sometimes it tears me to pieces.

She wishes I was different. I do too. She wishes I could do everything right. I do too.


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