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Love letter contest: To my favorite frat boy

By Anonymous

To my favorite frat boy,

You're so mean. But I admire you.

You push away happiness. But I still talk to you.

You have these eyes that keep me magnetized, I could stare into them all day. You show you care in the

way you say “hey” and it brings me back to that very first day. I like how you put yourself first but

always smile when I walk by. The way you make sure I see you like a casual surprise. A lot of people

notice and that's no secret, but you seem oblivious to reality as we keep it. Hearts that were broken and

battered in a youth-filled rage keep us in the confines of this unlocked cage. Call me smitten for a secret

well hidden. The mystery suits us both. But don’t you feel the rush whenever we get close? You make me smile on the worst of days and your lips make the world melt away. Our hands fit together like a sculptor's masterpiece and it makes me think “What could be”. I know I like you, but in the end, do you like me?




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