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College 101: Choosing a major

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Photo by Kaicie Boeglin

Rhode Island College is home to a vast variety of people who are all conquering a different journey. The scope of students has a spectrum that includes high school graduates, mid-aged family members and eldery folk all looking to further their lives. Freshman numbers are at a large and most of the student body is currently enrolled in General Education classes. However, many students are still undecided on a major.

Our whole lives we are forced to grow up and know exactly what we want to do career wise by the time of high school graduation. We were only pushed to succeed rather than explore the opportunities that arise around us as well. If you are undecided, it is best to explore your interests and decide on something that will inspire you. Choosing something sparked by passion ignites determination within academics and motivation to find the best job.

Even throughout the pandemic, RIC offers a number of clubs and organizations to help students figure out where their passions really lie. Student life between the beloved Anchor newspaper, Anchor TV, and 90.7 WXIN, students can find a love for Communications, Journalism and Media. The Student Government and Political Science club can bring out the inner politicians that will save this country. Aside from clubs and organizations, the life on campus between Greek row and campus job opportunities can also stimulate ideas for majors, as well as the future in general.

The best advice for first year students is to give your all and pay attention. New ideals could be learned in class and become a muse, thus paving a new direction for you to follow. If students grew up encouraged to be more spontaneous, individuals would come into college with an intended major already decided. If a student has a major already declared then all their classes, even general education courses, will be geared towards their intended major. By coming into college declared, students lessen the chance of staying extra semesters, a run around with advising and attracting unusable credits.

Deciding a major does not predict or guarantee a certain future, but it does pose a vision for what your life could look like. There is no rush to declare a major; whatever you decide on should be something you plan to stick by. Many good things can come from choosing a major early on, such as career preparation or exploring what potential earnings could be. People can declare a major and then change it, or even attempt a double major. Where there’s a major, there is also a minor, meaning students can minor in degree programs while working towards their major. There is a saying that time flies by when you are having fun, so why waste your time stressing out about something that doesn't matter to you? Intertwine your hobbies, interests and passions, to not only find a job that will suit you but that will also make you happy.


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