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Uncover the treasure troves of Rhode Island’s best antique shops

Isabella Santoro  

Assistant A&E Editor  

As spring approaches, it’s high time to go outside and explore what Rhode Island has to offer. If you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, this is just the thing for you. Antique hunting is one of the best ways to spend a day here in Rhode Island. There are so many different shops just around the Providence County area that you can dive right into.  

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Stillwater Antiques — Smithfield  

This is my favorite antique shop that’s located in Greenville, a village within Smithfield. Upon arriving, it appears as an old mill, which it is, but inside is vast and you can find just about anything from vintage Barbie dolls to old postcards. Some of the most popular things there include dolls, jewelry, old magazines and comic books. They have different sections with all types of accessories and vintage items. Within it are different shops that have specialty items such as one with crystals, tarot card decks, incense sticks and more. They accept cards or cash and are open until 5 p.m. most days, so it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon visit. Check them out. 

The Town Trader and Old Post Office Antiques — Chepachet  

Both of these smaller antique shops are located opposite the street from each other in Glocester’s village of Chepachet. These two seem smaller from the outside but once you walk inside, they are vast. The Old Post Office Antiques has a lot of estate jewelry, “Star Wars'' memorabilia, primitives and more. It is definitely worth checking out if you are into that old town feel. It is very nice and cozy. The Town Trader across from The Old Post Office shop has a wide variety of antique furniture and jewelry as well as a bunch of cool knick knacks. Both are full of troves of endless treasures and certainly worth a look inside. 

Nostalgia Antiques and Collectibles — Providence 

Located on the East Side of Providence, this antique store has a variety of collectibles. They advertise as having something for everyone and are unique in that you are bound to find almost anything vintage, collectible and strange for your collections. Something else very cool is that they offer tarot readings and astrology readings at this awesome antique shop. If you’re not looking for something very specific and just want to look around, this is definitely the antique store for you.  

Rhode Island Antiques Mall — Pawtucket  

This mall located in Pawtucket is a real gem that has a beautiful collection consisting of jewelry, vintage art pieces, sterling silverware and collectibles. With a pretty large space, you can find whatever you’re looking for in terms of the above mentioned items. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the size of it, because this antiques mall is definitely worth checking out if you’re into collectibles. 


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