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Love Yourself

William Fernandes

Anchor Contributor

When I wake in the morning, I feel less

Than the man I am, and that's pitiful

Traumatic experiences and sorry race

Through my mind and wound my

Sensitive soul as though it was yesterday

Still, I find anything to smile about

A positive attribute, a unique personality

I struggle to gain confidence

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I remember that I walk on this earth with

A spirit all my own, shining a light

Brighter than the Moon, Sun, and stars

An unapologetic kindness and uncontrollable

Mouth, used to compliment and empower

Myself and all who cross my path

Dig deeper underneath the surface, I tell myself

Then I feel better and ready to face the world

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" it has been

Said before, this I know is true

Do onto other as you would like to have

Done onto you, Love you neighbor, values

We've all been taught, I also carry the thought

With me that this is how we should treat everyone

Apply these rules for living everyday and you

Shall be rewarded, and I say I love all of you

And you should love yourself


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