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Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

art by Kaicie Boeglin

Something drawn in

Everything against morals but doesn’t align with any sin

If there’s a maker in disguise-

thank them for granting you wisdom and pride.

Intellect matters is the case protected

Scare me now with a future fermented

Relative recovery in a timeframe unknown

Observations are judgements worth more than gold

Conscious hearts we are-

Created stigmas rip apart-

Obvious feelings that hide in the dark


Elaboration won’t matter.

Victory is in the hands of disaster.

Integrity is a manipulation device-

Lucrative love is cut by the scythe.

Anomalies rise as the world decays.

Creativity in animosity is on display.

Quantity over quality is a livelihood hazard;

Vengeance is the beginning of happily ever after, for-

Anarchy is love’s divulgence factor.


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