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Blurred By Design

Malcolm Streitfeld

Anchor Staff Writer

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There seem to be three constants

Art imitates life

Life imitates art

And technology imitates nature

It is the last one

that provokes the most



To build upon the future

Look upon the past

Pick apart the primeval

Bathe in its beauty

Find solace in the old

As it and the now

Will soon


Slamming down

apple cider bottle

Like its a whisky glass

My muse screams me awake

At every given opportunity

She does not like sleep, this maiden

Or “they”

I never thought to ask for pronouns

We copy ourselves as a species

Crafting works of fiction out of works of fiction

And then we plagiarize Mother Earth

Does that make us a society of fakers?

Certainly not. It just means we may one day…

reach the illimitable horizon

That vast sea of infinite

Where everything



and the


That frontier where

Opposites cease

to be distinguished

from one another

They swirl and

combine into

essence once more

And we transcend

Beyond our differences

Uniting in our ability

to overstep the lines

that keep us apart

We are blurred by design after all

Destined to eventually surpass

Everything that separates one from another

Love’s inevitable bonds

Will return us to cosmic dust

So we can all be together once more


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