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The two-way mirror

Kaicie Boeglin

Opinions Editor

Where does the resistance to oppression arise?

Rehearsed judgement to blame misogyny maintains society pressurized

This credence will never face its own reflection

Loyalties are present but different through the collective

We don’t draw the line, we question the ethical extension

The Man demands to promote self-deception-

but rather equates to comments of self-introspection

We are the side that sees through the glass,

whereas their own vision replays the past to tear down the foundation any woman has.

Personalities evolve with deepened cognition

The history of gender is a precedent for partition.

The mystique can be followed with standards broken

Yet citizens shame a body language outspoken.

Lovers can be fighters and sinners can be saints

Women give a reality to superheroes without capes.

The moment you met, is actually a human with a power to procreate.

Look through the glass to see the future at stake.


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