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The 2023 Grammy awards

Olivia Barone

Anchor Staff Writer

Image via Monica Silvestre/Pexels

The 65th annual Grammys took the media by storm as musicians from across all genres were recognized for their greatest achievements. Seen live on Feb. 5, the ceremony showcased some of the world’s most beloved artists, new and old.

Each year, the Grammys present awards to artists and music that are believed to be the best of that year. Unsurprisingly, Harry Styles’s “Harry’s House” won album of the year and was celebrated with a live performance of “As It Was” by Styles himself. Similarly, popular rap artist Lizzo was granted record of the year due to the success of TikTok-sensation “About Damn Time.”

However, it was song of the year, “Just Like That” by Bonnie Raitt that surprised many fans. Raitt has dabbled in many genres of music since her first album’s debut in 1971. She is no stranger to blues, rock or country and has continued to produce music to present day. Released in 2022, “Just Like That” has helped to rejuvenate Raitt’s career with over 1 million streams on Spotify.

The Grammys is also a time to recognize new artists, including jazz-singer Samara Joy. The young artist heils from The Bronx, New York, where her family raised her to love music. This year, Joy was granted the Grammy for new artist of the year and best jazz-vocal album for her release, “Linger Awhile. She dazzled fans at the Grammys premiere ceremony with her song, “Can’t Get Out of This Mood” and was ultimately recognized as a rising star.

Disney’s “Encanto” was also recognized despite being a film. Its beautiful soundtrack was awarded for being the best this past year in visual media. It is no surprise that the hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was recognized individually as the best song produced in a soundtrack for its catchy tune that has yet to escape the ears of Disney fans.

History was made at the ceremony last week when the talented Beyoncé solidified her status as artist with the most Grammy awards of any of her competitors in the business. As of this year’s event, Beyoncé has 32 Grammys in her possession and 79 nominations. Having won her first Grammy award in 2002, the singer-songwriter has continued to stay ahead of the game for the past 21 years.

The ceremony not only housed incredible artists, but a unique array of guests that were personally invited to the event. It seems TikTokers have become one with favorite hollywood stars as internet-sensation and positivity-powerhouse Dylan Mulvaney was seen gracing the event. Accompanying her was Chris Olsen, another Tiktok celebrity and friend.

Rhode Island College also had representation during this year’s Grammys. RIC Alumna Viola Davis ‘88 won a Grammy, achieving EGOT status, which is when a person wins an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award.

Davis earned the Grammy for the category of best audio book, narration and storytelling recording from her performance in the audiobook for her memoir titled “Finding Me.”

Award-show season is upon us as is the opportunity to recognize the art produced by talent across all genres. The Oscars are on the horizon and will air March 12 to announce the best in film of 2022.



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