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SCG: final parliament meeting and a possible vacancy for Vice President

Raymond Baccari

News Editor

Photo of the meeting by Raymond Baccari

SCG is facing a possible vacancy in the Vice President position, as according to President Patel, Vice President Daisy Tran is resigning.

Patel told The Anchor, “She said that she’s resigning, but she’s still a [student at] Rhode Island College. So that spot is most likely open, vacant.”

No further details were revealed and no special election has been declared at this time. The only special election for an executive board position currently is for the recently vacant Treasurer position.

As a reminder, the Treasurer position’s special election will be held on Jan. 26, 2022. For reference, this election’s declaration period is from Jan. 18 at 9 a.m. to Jan. 25 at noon. Only current members of the parliament are eligible to run for this position. Those who are currently serving as a parliament representative and are interested in running for treasurer must declare their candidacy at the SCG office.

There was a recap of the Finance Commission held the week before Thanksgiving.

The Finance Commission held earlier the day of this meeting saw WXIN submit a budget allocation request. WXIN wanted to give sweaters to their employees for their hard work and dedication.

Reflecting on how the semester went for SCG, Speaker Matthew Thureson said, “I was very excited about what SCG has accomplished this semester. It has kind of been a rebuilding semester, after COVID. With everything back in person, this is the first semester since that.”

Thureson gave his expectations for next semester, “We’re hoping that next semester is going to be back in full swing, so we’re really trying to encourage people to join SCG and get involved in their student organizations that they have going on. We’re excited for what next semester has to bring.”

Patel also hopes to see more students involved next semester.

She says, “I would say the same thing regarding getting people involved in SCG. I think it’s going to be great to get more students involved. We need more people on [the Finance Commission], so we’re trying to look for more people [and] just getting more involvement [overall].”

These are the current results for the Class Officers of 2021-22 run-off elections:


  • President: Wonderful Ngwenah.

  • Vice President: Samundra Tear.

  • Treasurer: Christina Emile.

  • Secretary: Vacant.


  • President: Lorraine Quintero.

  • Vice President: Zachary Sgambato.

  • Treasurer: Thomas Fura.

  • Secretary: Rena S'vot.


  • President: Shannon McDonald.

  • Vice President: Vacant.

  • Treasurer: Fathia Obabiyi.

  • Secretary: Vacant.


  • President: Kacie Boeglin.

  • Vice President: Emily Brennan.

  • Treasurer: Janelle Gomez.

  • Secretary: Daniel Costa.

SCG’s parliament meetings will kick-off again in the Spring semester.



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