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Saved By Grace gives a new experience for all campus wide

Kaicie Boeglin 

News Editor 

Rhode Island College students who are looking to be empowered and embraced while working on their personal growth should connect with student organization Saved By Grace. Although it is a faith-based organization, SBG takes in students from all walks of life and various belief backgrounds. This group creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for all including those who may not have yet discovered their faith, or claim to be agnostic or atheist. To achieve quality among religion is one overarching goal for these students.

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This organization allows students a chance to use their personal skills and does not focus solely on a religion. SBG encourages students in all majors to check them out, as the group has places for those in media, communications, marketing and public relations, event planning and production and more. Experience, networking and resilience are the biggest themes demonstrated by these individuals.

All humans seek acceptance and choosing a path of faith provides that acceptance. All students who choose the path provided by SBG are choosing a chance to get involved with religious acceptance, student life, social justice, fundraising ventures and diverse social interactions. 

The Anchor met with the SBG executive board who emphasized how their goal is to make a positive impact in the community. President Deisy Santos and Vice President Ana Spencer spoke on how the group organizes service projects and outreach initiatives to address societal issues through the love of God. The group recognizes that not everyone will believe in the same higher power, but by believing in a higher power an individual can work on their personal development and overall well-being. The executive board are all of different ages, churches and degree paths.

“We are not a traditional Christian organization on campus. We aim to break the stigma and misconception about what being a Christian is. We offer a more dynamic approach with a wide range of activities and events that go beyond traditional Bible studies” the group stated.

SBG operates with bi-weekly meetings and monthly events. Events will be structured as worship nights, song and dance, outside community projects or being a part of campus wide events. Every project or event this organization does is well done and never wishy-washy. The group always manifests a great time with insightful conversations. For anyone looking to blossom in the right atmosphere please email or follow @savedbygraceric on Instagram and Facebook.


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