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SCG: new executives but vacant treasurer position

Raymond Baccari & Daniel Costa

News Editor & Asst. News Editor

Photo via SCG Meeting

Last week’s SCG parliament meeting is their first meeting with a brand new secretary, speaker and deputy speaker. One thing to note is that this meeting did not have a lot of the members present and was shorter than usual. President Shreena Patel announced that Asley Corrales, who was recently elected as treasurer, is not eligible to serve in the position. Corrales is not enrolled in classes at RIC which removes her eligibility to serve on the parliament and subsequently the executive board.

There will be a special election held for the now vacant position. Patel said the election for a new treasurer will be held on Jan. 26, 2022. For this election, the declaration period is from Jan. 18 at 9 a.m. to Jan. 25 at noon. Only current members of the parliament are eligible to run for this position. Those who are currently serving as a parliament representative and are interested in running for treasurer must declare their candidacy at the SCG office.

This is the first meeting with Matthew Thureson as the new speaker. Thureson felt good about his first-ever meeting as speaker and is optimistic about where things are heading.

“I’m feeling pretty good so far. We have a great executive board, [and] we have a few things on the docket planned for this year. I’m excited for what we’re going to accomplish.”

Patel also shared a similar sentiment as Thureson, telling The Anchor, “The new executive board is really good. I have a lot of high hopes for them, and I’m really excited to start working with them soon. We’re going to be having a lot of great events and we all get along really well.”

The Finance Commission held earlier that day approved funding for several student organizations. Some of the organizations included the Physical Science Club and the Latin American Student Organization.

SCG’s next parliament meeting will take place on Dec. 1.

As for the recently-held class run-off elections, SCG are awaiting responses from the winners. Once the winners of the elections respond, the results will be certified and can be seen at



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