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RICovery to host third annual Strength in Recovery panel

Kaicie Boeglin 

News Editor

RICovery will hold their third annual Strength in Recovery panel Wednesday April 24 in the Donovan Dining Faculty Center. This evening event will start at 6:00 p.m. with panelists including RIC students, alumni and family in different types of recovery. The event is free and open to all Rhode Island residents.

Club President Brynn Terry said, “We use the panel as an opportunity to bring to light the existence of people in recovery and people affected by substance use on campus.”

She continued, “All panelists are RIC students, staff, alumni, or loved ones, and that's how it's been from the start. Panelists speak individually, sharing their stories of strength, then we open up the floor for a discussion and questions. The QA portion of the panel is arguably the most important portion to RICovery, as it allows an opportunity to eliminate stigma surrounding discussing mental health. We've heard a total of 10 different stories so far, and we're introducing five more this April.” 

Graphic by RICovery

This year the organization is focusing solely on substance use related stories and other areas of mental health recovery, such as eating disorders, anxiety and other inspiring stories that Terry accounts. The space is described as a place for all to feel safe and connected with no fear of judgment or ridicule. There will be no pressure on the audience to ask questions but they are welcomed as this is a chance to learn and grow with one another through coping with trauma and struggle.

Recovery groups are beneficial for all people of all ages as experiences affect us all in different ways and at different times. College support groups, especially RICovery, provide a supportive outlet for people of all backgrounds and a safe spot to speak one's truth. They offer a chance to learn about community recovery programs and make friends who have been through something similar. RICovery is a group that can help with education on substance abuse, addiction, mental health, understanding phobias and disorders, as well as surviving abuse.

For those looking to get involved with the organization or are looking for more information please email, or follow @ricoveryorg on social media.


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