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Parks to get great fall photographs

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo via Isabella Santoro

Governor Notte Park

This North Providence park has some beautiful fall scenery to get awesome snaps of. The trees turn beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. Many couples take wedding photos here, as it’s such a popular spot for photography, especially scenery snapshots.

Colt State Park

This wonderful park is located in Bristol, and while it’s further away, it is a place you won’t want to miss the chance to take fall photos. Not only does this park have beautiful open fields, trees and groves, it’s also located near the beach, so you can get great views and shots of the water. There are beautiful fall sunsets and sunrises that make for amazing photos.

Roger Williams Park

This open park located in Providence, next to the zoo, is a spectacular spot to get great photos for weddings, parties, etc. In the fall, it is outstandingly beautiful. It is located next to the zoo, so if you like animal photography, this is a great spot for that as well.

Waterplace Park

This park in downtown Providence, near the Providence Place Mall, holds a variety of events such as Waterfire. In early October, they hold a Waterfire for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation. During fall, this area is a great place to take photos of people, the water, fall scenery and much more.

Right on Campus

This entry isn’t a park, but right on the RIC campus there are dozens of great spots to get fall snapshots. There are awesome areas with trees, gardens, etc. Even the quad during the fall provides some great photo opportunities, especially when students are walking around and heading to classes. It is a beautiful scene for fall photos.

India Point Park

The last entry is another park located in Providence. India Point is located right by the water, and has some beautiful areas for fall photography. You can get incredible views of the water, sunrises and sunsets. The views available at this park are especially beautiful during these next couple of months. Alongside the water is plenty of areas containing groves of trees that basically present themselves to photographers.


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