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Local events to look forward to

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo by Isabella Santoro

Looking for something to do off campus on the weekends? Luckily, Providence and the surrounding areas are always busy and are full of fun events. If you enjoy photography, art and Autumn themes, consider the following events:

Slater Park Fall Festival (9/17-9/18)

This two-day festival in Pawtucket’s Slater Park comes right before the start of fall. This event has arts and crafts for kids, concerts and music in beautiful Slater Park, which in and of itself is a great area to snap nature photos. There is a park for kids and a green for walking pets and playing sports. It is a huge area to take advantage of in terms of photography. You may want to carry cash as food and other events may not be free of cost.

Scituate Art Festival (10/8-10/10)

This three-day festival in early to mid-October has many kinds of art to look at and snap photos of. There is photography, wood crafting, metal crafting, painting, music, and other great forms of art to purchase and view. There is even a booth at the North Scituate Library where you can purchase books for a low cost. Entrance is free, but you may want to carry cash for food and art purchases along the way. If you’re a huge fan of art, reading, and music, you should definitely check out this great event!

Scarecrow Festival (10/15)

In the heart of Chepachet, located in Glocester, there can be found a small festival along the downtown area. Lined along the sidewalks are locally made scarecrows to snap great pictures of. This event is free and open to everyone. Bring your family, friends, and pets to walk around and look at the great handmade scarecrows just in time for Halloween. This is an awesome family friendly event with an opportunity to get to take a stroll through the fall scenery.

Rhode Island Comic Con (11/4-11/6)

While this three day event is more costly, it is a fantastic way of connecting with people who share your same interests in movies, books, and television shows. It is also a magnificent event to interview some fans if that is something you’re interested in. Many people cosplay and their dress is an art form in and of itself that you may want to take some great shots of. If you get the chance, you may also get to meet some of your favorite actors and actresses. There are many vendors selling their both homemade and collectable items, as well as video game tournaments and panel discussions. For more information and specific events, as well as pricing, you can visit their website at: Home | Rhode Island Comic Con | United States (

If none of these great events strike your fancy, there are plenty of restaurants to try, alfresco dining, food trucks and local shops, museums and historical landmarks. Make sure to mention that you are a student, as some places offer student discounts!


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