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Great places for spring time photography

Isabella Santoro

Photography Editor

Photo by Isabella Santoro

Spring is just beginning. The flowers are starting to bloom, and floral photography is gaining popularity. There are many different places that you can capture great floral images around Rhode Island.

The RIC Campus

Just on campus, flowers will start to bloom and if you’re on your way to class or back home and you see the perfect opportunity to capture a photo, do so. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but sometimes photos are spontaneous. This is the best way to capture photos easily and not having to go out of your way.

Lincoln Woods State Park

This park is located in Lincoln, which is about 15 to 20 minutes outside of campus. This is a great park to capture a wider range of floral photography. As there are many open areas such as fields and woods, you can get a variety of different floral images. It also doesn’t have to be just floral. The trees in this park are beautiful and deserve attention as well. This park has a very woodsy feel and is also great for wedding or event photography.

Deerfield Park

This park is in Smithfield, which is also about 20 minutes or so from campus, and has a variety of things to capture, floral photography included. Consisting of a playground, fields, trails and many other areas where there is nature, this is a great place for photography. Florals can be found mainly by the memorial towards the end of the park near the tennis courts. I myself have captured some great floral shots here.

Slater Memorial Park

This is a beautiful park located in Pawtucket that has acres of land with a large playground, areas of campground, sculptures and an animal shelter. There are so many different opportunities for beautiful shots at this large park, especially in the springtime where flowers are in bloom. Taking photos of the sculptures is a great way to add interesting photos to your collection, especially if you’re adding them to a portfolio.

Holiday Acres Campground

This family campground located in North Scituate is a beautiful area for you and your family to go camping, but you can also get some amazing shots of the water and nature during the spring. The campground is a quiet environment and a great spot to get some awesome shots. This option may cost money, but there are many great opportunities for photos in this area.

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