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Women’s basketball undefeated

Isaac Bean

Sports Editor

Rhode Island College’s Women’s Basketball team is starting where they left off last season. After making the semi-finals of the NCAA Division 3 March Madness last season, the Anchorwomen are now 5-0 to start this season. This past week they bested Bridgewater State University and Babson College.

The Anchorwomen played Bridgewater State at home on Tuesday. This was an important game for the Anchorwomen. A win heading into the Thanksgiving break is always good for a team's momentum. The Anchorwomen started the first quarter off trailing. The Bears had a 14-11 lead heading into the second quarter. The second quarter remained competitive as both teams would respond to each team's scores. Until a big three point shot by Madison Medbury to give Rhode Island College a 26-23 lead. The Anchorwomen would go on a fourteen point run after this basket. This would make the lead 39-28 at half time for Rhode Island College.

Coming out of halftime, the Anchorwomen had all the momentum to start the third quarter. The Bears would have to go on a run to make this game close. The Bears did just that as they made the lead shrink to just three points with fifty eight seconds left. The Anchorwomen needed to go into the fourth quarter with some momentum. The Bears were on fire at this point. A huge layup in the paint by Angelina Nardolillo with two seconds left in the quarter did just that. The score is now 49-44 entering the fourth quarter in favor of the Anchorwomen.

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The fourth quarter was all Anchorwomen. As the Bears had no response for the Anchorwomen’s offense. The final score ended up being 71-58 in favor of the Anchorwomen. This made the Anchorwomen 4-0 on the season. Izabelle Boothe and Sophia Guerrier were the team's leading scorers. Boothe posted a double double having eleven rebounds and fifteen points. Guerrier also had an impressive fourteen points.

Rhode Island College looked to continue their red hot start playing on the road at Babson College. The Anchorwomen did just that in the first quarter against the Beavers. The Anchorwomen got off to a nine point lead in the first quarter after a Medbury layup made it 16-7. The lead would be 16-11 in favor of the Anchorwomen to end the first quarter.

The second quarter was a good performance by both teams. The Beavers ended up taking a 25-21 lead with 3:30 left in the quarter. The Anchorwomen wouldn’t slow down though. They went into halftime with a 30-27 lead while having some momentum. The third quarter was just as competitive as the second quarter. The two teams would exchange great offense and defense throughout the quarter. The Beavers end up having a 44-42 lead heading into the last quarter of the game.

The Anchorwomen have been here before though. They have shown that they can come up clutch in big games and they did that in the fourth quarter of this game. Tied at 46-46 late in the fourth quarter, the Anchorwomen were able to display why they are one of the best college basketball teams in the nation. They ended up pulling away and winning 53-48 despite trailing going into the fourth quarter.

Olivia Middleton was the Anchorwomen’s top scorer. Middleton posted fourteen points from the field. Neleesha Meunier was also one of the team's top performers. Meunier posted a double double having ten points and eleven rebounds.

The Anchorwomen look to continue their red hot start as they go to Hartford to take on Trinity College on the road.


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