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What’s The Rush?

Malcolm Streitfeld

Anchor Staff Writer

On his deathbed, Luis Marden said

“One lifetime isn’t enough.

Just when you start to learn, it's time to go”

But even a thousand years of

newly acquired knowledge

would not sate that

desire for more

That human thirst

to want and explore

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Impossible truths

Lie forever beyond

my reach

What will happen

After my heart

conducts its final


To be precise

That is just

one of many queries

True, I want to know

What lies beyond

and ahead

But equally

if someone were to

show or tell me

what will come next

in my future…

I would feel cheated

To want or not to want

Is the real question

Because being is

All well and good

Until you realize

That you can’t

stop desiring

more and more

It’s a lesson to slow down

And I can never sit still

Pitter patter, pitter patter

Aaaah, what a wonderful mess

The clock can be when struck


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