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Universal Girls.

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Art by Lissette Quinones

You can ask her to get on her knees

But you won’t ask about her wants or her needs

You can ask her to do you many favors

But you won’t stand by her side in need of a savior

You can ask her to give one hundred percent

But you won’t consider her respects of given consent

You admire her for your personal pleasures

But you won’t consider what happens in her daily measures

You can ask her to stay by your side

But you do that to make sure that you’re satisfied

You can tell her to remove her clothes

But you criticize the women who choose to oppose

You can tell her to pucker up her lips

But you’ll advance to touch her, hands hurting her like whips

You can ask her to whisper in your ears

But you’ll ignore her words, like the previous years

You’ll give her permission to speak

But you’ll close her mouth if her words are too weak

You can tell her you admire her shape

But if she chooses to let loose, you won’t let her escape

You tell her that she can have control

But you control her, leaving her to be a prisoner of her soul

You can grant her her independence

But you’ll say that such a thing is horrendous

You tell her not to conceal her emotions

But you’ll make her passion feel closed off, never to be opened

You can provide her a broad shoulder

But you’ll ignore the beauty of your eyes’ beholder

You can give her a diamond on her finger

But you won’t vow to remove the pain that you will bring her

You can provide her a dad for her kids

But you won’t give her a choice, if she chooses to forbid

You can preach “her body, her choice”

But you judge her actions, ignoring the words of her voice

You can grant herself equal rights

But you’ll bark back at the bitches, so long as she bites

You can claim her as your lovely lover

But you won’t comfort her when she asks for cover

You can tell her she has a pure heart

But you’ll have the honors of tearing that pureness apart

And, You can tell her that she is your whole world

But you won’t appreciate how she is a Universal Girl.


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