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The Wise Monkey

Lissette Quiñones

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Life Matters from Pexels

The only problem with standing on the sidelines

Is that you’re liable to become a witness

Wanting to break rules while following guidelines

Makes the Wolf of Wall Street bad at business

Seeing but not engaging creates an accomplice

And now you’ve become guilty by association

Set goals that you have yet to accomplish

But the systems screw you without procreation

Blinded by the sight of your own vision

You ask your ophthalmologist for a pair of glasses

To see or not to see, that’s your decision

But I can see the segregation of the social classes

By being a bystander, you’re now a criminal’s apprentice

Because you chose to see it without taking action

But if you’re not a criminal and you serve a life’s sentence

Then how can you expect to pursue your passion?

Your hearing has been compromised by the sound of silence

Because you chose to ignore the reality

As you continue to stand witness to the diabolical violence

Your rights are violated by net neutrality

While listening to the lies told, the truth doesn’t make a sound

But you should realize the realization of its noise

Because when you listen to the world, the truth can be found

And you will be able to strip it naked like Playboys

As you blast the art of music through the serial killer, technology

Just admit that it’s making your ears hard of hearing

So when you go to check up with your doctor of otolaryngology

Ask why there’s a silver lining, but no gold clearing

While you stand witness, just know that the punishment fits the crime

So don’t continue to cover your ears with your bare hands

Because actions have consequences and if you don’t want to serve time

You have to go out there and attempt your dreamed plans

While you stay silent, your words aren’t taking advantage

So understand that your tongue is now a prisoner

And as you continue to do more than enough damage

The angel’s sins are becoming even more sinister

Because you choose not to speak up and make them listen

And now you remain yet another victim

The soldier at war has completely abandoned her mission

To at least try and overcome the system

So while you stand and watch the ones you love suffer

Just know that you DO have the power to make a difference

And while your privacy is compromised by Big Brother

You need to question the reason for your voice’s existence

Now time’s up, so let the hostage go out into the world

And just remove the muzzle that surrounds your mouth

If you want to show the roaring lion inside the little girl

You have to speak, to show the world what you’re about

With two eyes to see, two ears to hear, and one mouth to speak

Understand that you possess all of the ultimate weapons

And all that you need to do now is to perfect your technique

Because it’s up to you to teach the world it’s necessary lessons

You see no evil, you hear no evil, and you speak no evil

But these are just the most powerful powers of the wise monkey

And in order to soar above just like the wings of a flying eagle

You have to fuel all of the lion’s nutrients, because it’s very hungry

It’s hungry for love, hungry to fight, and it’s hungry to overcome injustice

With a hunger to accomplish her goals and achieve her dreams

But with the mind of a menace, and a bleeding, beating heart for a compass

Know that she’s no longer afraid to fight for the equality of her queens

By using her natural instincts, she’s ready to take on the jungle

No longer afraid to attack any dangers that may come across her path

I will be much more confident and yet still, will remain humble

And for those who feel the same, let’s make the world feel our wrath.


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