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The tragedy of hatred

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Art by Lissette Quiñones

It’s unfortunate that tragedy has to be the constructor of a masterpiece

Just know that I was born like this so please, do not be mad at me

But hatred is a sickness institutionalized in this universe

The greatest and the quickest thing to scrutinize how to get hurt

I measure myself on the scales of justice to establish my civic virtue

But it severed my moral compass so I must ask quick; did it hurt you?

Did my personal amendments cause you to spread into a global pandemic,

One that is so versatile in vengeance that it's as lyrical as a mogul transcendent?

Because they honor this badge as if it were shining of the shoulder of a lieutenant

But the moment that this monster is dispatched from the holster of a rude menace,

A creature once personified is slaughtered in a world sworn to accept them

And that dreamer is so traumatized and no longer able to turn to progression

So we internalize our emotions and convince ourselves that it's a coping mechanism

We’re not able to verbalize and be open nor compelled to your devotion nor the prison

Yet they categorize us as a broken individuality of ‘lepers and prostitutes’

And that has mortified the motion within this tragedy and whatever it cost you too

I have given most, if not all, my earthly trinkets only to be casted as an alien

Envisioned hope and it hurt me in an instant, for while it lasted, none saved me then

Instead they left myself and those with similar attributes to be tragedies

In the end, if I get none else as a prisoner, I’m asking you, stop the madness please

To shed the faintest sign of sympathy for those of vile composure

And not to pledge a sadist, to have dignity and to let go of how you hold her

You grasp her in your hands like a goblet and sip on venom

No pastor can save any prophet unwilling to forgive the spectrum

How can they support the equalizer and not those in need of equality

With no remorse for all he’s deprived her from, but you believe in this policy?

Please, educate the ‘ignorant’ on how we follow a false ideology of fact

Delegate until each ligament within my hallow, adult body snaps

Construct your own creation of me and read me line by line like karaoke

While I find it so amazing because you reside in lies and lies rather than care to know me

I suppose empathy is a rarity that travels in phases and mutates into worse things

Those who have a tendency to babble betray past crusades and the first sin

Either commandment has its consequences; neither has superiority over its relative

For each man within this planet lacks the commonsense and purity to not be negative

Ironic how each side has its flaws but is too stubborn to coincide with its truth

All to which peace can cause this tragedy to suffer in its demise, but, you would too.


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