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The March to the Path of Nowhere

Sh-Ron Almeida

Asst. Arts and Entertainment Editor

Graphic via

We carved a path together

Our goal for purpose strengthened with each step

Hopes of liberation on our minds

A destiny intertwined

Back then, we were young and innocent

We were conquerors of our own imagination

Adulthood proved to be our destruction

Dreams crushed, promises broken

Loved ones lost, bills abound

The harsh and bitter weather obstructed our journey

What happened to our child-like mentalities?

Were they cast out in the wayside like everything else?

Or did we hide them away out of shame?

We all have skeletons in our closets

Why must we keep them away?

When we are meant to support others, we lash out unreasonably

When stress overwhelms us like a tidal wave, we kill innocents more fortunate than us

Like a bullied child who grows up collecting guns to display dominance over oppressors

Like an abuse victim who gains vigilante justice against her molester

The world we live in is a lion’s den

And we are the prey blindly marching towards our doom


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