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The holiday movies you forgot

Olivia Barone

Anchor Staff Writer

Image via Pexels/Valeria Boltneva

The holiday season has crept up on us yet again, bringing about a plethora of sweet treats, twinkling lights and classic movie reruns. Any Christmas fanatic knows that nothing spreads more cheer than curling up with a festive movie, and yet the selection grows ever redundant. The same handful of beloved films are played each year, so much so that the all-telling “Home Alone” jingle has become an inescapable ear-worm. Fortunately for those looking for a new holiday favorite, there are plenty of forgotten films to be rediscovered this season.

The 2007 release “Fred Claus” is a hilarious and heart-warming start to any holiday-movie marathon. Throughout the film, the audience follows the troubled Fred Claus, Santa Claus’s older brother, who is less than excited about the holiday season. Landing himself in trouble, Fred is forced to ask his saintly brother for help, only to find himself in debt. Fred, portrayed by the hysterical Vince Vaughn, is then enlisted to work in Santa’s workshop to repay his dues and spend time with the sibling he resents. Working at the North Pole is no small feat, but Fred steps up to the challenge and evidently saves Christmas when the entire operation goes south.

Alternatively, “While You Were Sleeping” is a holiday special that any viewer will adore. Released in 1995, this endearing romantic-comedy utilizes the talents of Sandra Bullock as she portrays the lonely Lucy Moderatz amidst her quest to unweave a web of well-intentioned lies. After saving a suave businessman from being hit by a train, Lucy kindly attempts to visit him in the hospital where he remains comatose. However, only the misunderstanding that she is his fiance allows her inside, upon which she meets his incredibly affectionate family. Unsure of how to break the news to these already distraught strangers, Lucy fails to tell the truth and is quickly invited to spend the holidays in their home. It is smooth sailing until businessman Peter wakes up, making an already silly narrative all the more complicated.

Released in 2018, “The Christmas Chronicles” depicts a whole new Santa Claus. Actor Kurt Russel portrays the classic saint as an unconventional renegade who finds himself inundated with the young Kate Pierce, and her older brother, Teddy. Climbing into his sleigh for a closer look, the pair accidentally frighten Claus which results in an abrupt crash-landing. The reindeer scatter, the sleigh splinters and the three are cast out into the streets of Chicago. Santa Claus and his unlikely companions are tasked with finding the missing reindeer and sack of toys in order to save Christmas. They evidently find themselves in a heap of trouble making for several hilarious moments, including the eventual arrest of Santa Claus, who takes it upon himself to begin a rock-band behind bars.

There are plenty of movies to satisfy your hunger for holiday-cheer with no need to look very far: “Fred Claus” and “While You Were Sleeping” can be streamed on Hulu, while “The Christmas Chronicles” is conveniently on Netflix. Bring a little variety to your list of must-sees this season with a film that might just become your new favorite holiday-find.



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