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The Glorious Virtue

Sh-Ron Almeida

Assist. Arts & Entertainment Editor

Image via Jakayla tToney

If we do the right thing good things will come our way

But how do we choose someone who won’t lead us astray?

Do we trust them based on what they do or say?

Our own country has betrayed us

Close friends are working against us

The enemies are closing in

Will we ever be victorious?

Nothing but sorrow and grief that floods my heart

Families being forcibly torn apart

No hope for a fresh start

And yet, we press on

We march on

We bite back at the big dogs breathing down our necks

What constitutes the path of right if no one is willing to let us fight?

Do we let the naysayers beat us into submission?

Or do we rise up in our desire for liberation?

Here’s what I say; to hell with your dictatorship

I won’t be your bargaining chip


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