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The Free association of womanhood

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo via Regina Pivetta

To be a beauty, she has to be the beast and practice Sabbath

To defeat the cruelty, she has to use her peace to distract the havoc

To become the storm, she has to remain fearless of the rain

To be loved and adored, she has to be hated by the “sincerest” form of pain.

To walk with the wolves, she has to crawl with the cubs

To talk of what could, she has to talk of what was

To land upon the shore, she has to drift along the sea

To have a chance to be given much more, she has to wish upon a dream.

To soar like a phoenix, she has to be scarred from all the ashes

To seem more of strategic, she has to peek much farther within her classes

To be seen as stable, she has to spare her intelligence

To have a seat at the table, she has to be aware of her temperaments.

To be dealt the proper hand, she has to fold all of her cards

To avoid being slaughtered by a man, she has to keep a hold on her heart

To admire her physique, she has to hide her timeless shapes

To be tired is to be weak, so she has to find guidance as an escape.

To conquer a kingdom, she has to have a king to conquer

To sponsor an income, she has to be able to think like a monster

To be captain of the ship, she has to steer away from the glaciers

To be latin or to be “thick”, means that she is what they’re afraid to call a savior.

To avoid being outcasted, she has to be seen as an attention seeker

To enjoy what they allow to happen, she has to pretend to be eager

To seize the moment, she has to sacrifice her current presence

To please the opponent, she has to find reassurance in what keeps them pleasant.

To form a smile, she has to grin and bear the negative remarks

To be born into the wild, she has have thick skin and be relatively smart

To be yellowbone, she has to be a victim to prejudice

To make her struggles known, she has to have the systems be her nemesis.

To be a woman, she has to question what it’s like to be a man

To do what he couldn’t, she has to have the perceptions that he can’t

To understand her hardships, she has to display her truths

To never become heartless, she has to remain hurtful.

To be a man, he has to realize the reality of womanhood

To be a man, he has to keep in mind that he actually couldn’t do all that a woman could

To be a man, he has to know that without her, he wouldn’t have a free world

So to be a man, he has to know that for all he is, he couldn’t even be a girl.


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