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Studio Ghibli Fest to continue at CW Theaters Lincoln this fall

Kelcy Conroy

Staff Writer

CW Theaters Lincoln will be showing two films directed by Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese director and the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, as part of the annual Studio Ghibli Fest, which runs annually from March to November.

This year’s lineup included “My Neighbor Totorofrom March 25-29, “Ponyo” from May 7-10, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” from June 11-14, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” on July 9 and 11, “Castle in the Sky” on July 10 and 12, “Princess Mononoke” from August 5-9, “Porco Rosso” on August 20 and 22 and “The Wind Rises” on August 21 and 23.

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“Howl’s Moving Castle” will be shown in theaters September 23-27. It follows Sophie, a hatmaker who becomes a housemaid to a wizard after being cursed into the body of an old woman. This movie’s visuals and soundtrack are beautiful and it’s a must-see if you’re into movies with magic and romance. I have seen this movie beforehand, and my favorite thing about this movie has to be the plot, as it is very interesting and definitely something I have not seen in a movie before.

One of, if not the most popular of Miyazaki’s films, “Spirited Away,” hits theaters Oct. 28–Nov. 1. After her family accidentally stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park, young Chihiro becomes trapped in the world of spirits. Like “Howl’s Moving Castle,” the visuals are beautiful and if you are interested in spirits this movie is for you. I have also seen this movie beforehand, and my favorite thing about the movie was the diverse array of characters and the spectacular visuals.

Studio Ghibli Fest culminates with the December 8 release of “The Boy and the Heron,” originally titled “How Do You Live?,” which was shown to Japanese audiences with a plot shrouded in secrecy. “The Boy and the Heron” will be Miyazaki’s final film. The captivating mystery of this movie is sure to be interesting, but first, check out the other two movies coming to CW Theaters Lincoln this fall. Can’t make it to CW Theaters? Studio Ghibli Fest will be occurring in many different theaters across New England.


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