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Student Community Government’s 2022 induction ceremony

Raymond Baccari & Angelina Coppola

Editor-in-Chief & Art Director

Photo taken by Justin Wilder

The Student Community Government (SCG) induction ceremony is back. SCG held its first annual induction ceremony in three years on Thursday to formally swear-in their current Executive Board Officers.

In past years, the previous officers would witness and receive the oath of office for the incoming officers. In this year’s case, Rhode Island College President, Dr. Jack Warner, witnessed and received SCG President Matthew Thureson’s oath of office. Thureson witnessed and received all of the other SCG Executive Board Officers’ oaths.

Photo taken by Justin Wilder

Each officer gets a pin by Warner after their oaths.

Photo taken by Justin Wilder

SCG says this pinning represents, “The trust between and the connectedness of the college and SCG. The mutual understanding that support is less than an arm’s length away. [And] to the wearer, the pin symbolizes the significant level of fiduciary responsibility placed upon them by our Student body as well as their expectation that inductees will represent both the institution (SCG) and the students SCG serves, with integrity and selflessness.”

Warner and Thureson each gave speeches to address both the inductees and those in attendance.

Photo taken by Justin Wilder

During previous years, the ceremony usually coincided with the next group of Executive Board Officers beginning their one-year term, which starts on June 1. It’s likely that 2023’s event will continue that precedent and take place in June.


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