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Student Activities flips up a “RIC-HOP Pancake Party”

Kelcy Conroy

Assistant A&E Editor

As the beginning of the semester sets in, so does a schedule of many events that help students get reaccustomed to the college life that they left behind in December. Last week, Student Activities hosted an event in the Student Union Ballroom where students could play games, eat pancakes served by Donovan Dining Center and request custom made pancake art from DanCakes. 

DanCakes is a group of pancake artists who have performed at thousands of events around the world. They describe themselves as “the first name in Professional Pancake Art,” being world renowned and having performed at events from small intimate family gatherings to conventions with thousands of people.

Image from @ricstudentactivities Instagram

Last Tuesday however, their audience were the eager students of Rhode Island College who just finished their first day of classes. Pancakes served by Donovan Dining Center alongside classic board games brought a vibrant atmosphere to the event on its own. However, most of the excitement was cooked up by the talented DanCakes artists. 

The two artists worked to satisfy the requests of RIC students. Pancakes sizzled on the griddle, forming characters such as Hello Kitty, Superman, an otter wearing a suit and a goose with a hat and a cane were produced from completely edible pancake mix in different colors. These creatively made treats were more akin to cake rather than your average breakfast-made pancake, making for a sweet surprise.

DanCakes lived up to the expectations of RIC’s students, hungry after their first day. We relaxed with our friends, played board games and card games, feasted on edible art and watched in awe as the talented pancake artists made masterpieces that would make one truly “flip” out. I would love to see a similar event return to campus. A special thanks to Student Activities, who have worked hard to provide students with an especially awesome Spring Kickoff. 

If you missed out on this flavorful opportunity, Student Activities is prepared to bring more unique events to campus this Spring. There is certainly more fun to be had in the coming weeks, so keep a look out for posts on their instagram. 


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