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Student Activities Day 2023: Continuing the revival of student life

Raymond Baccari


Photo by Isabella Santoro

Similar to last semester’s Student Activities Day, this semester’s event had one clear takeaway: The revival of student life on campus isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The second of both events is typically held in the Student Union Ballroom due to the colder weather this time of year, but that didn’t stop a match in energy, turnout and sense of community.

“The one in the fall was great and everyone was excited, and then it’s just getting bigger and better from here,” Casey Smith, Rhode Island College’s program coordinator for student activities, told The Anchor. “And to see the turnout today, in the winter and it’s cold, I think the high is 33 today, that’s great, I’m amazed, over the moon to see all these students coming out and actually having fun and staying. We added cornhole, added some different interactive pieces to kind of get students to stay, hang out and really make the most of their experience here today.”

Students who turned out to the event had a number of student organizations to inquire about. The organizations present ranged from RIC’s Chess club to G.A.M.E.R. to even Student Community Government (SCG), offering something for everyone – especially new students at RIC.

“I think it’s actually great for new students because when you’re on campus, you’re just walking to class, walking home,” President of SCG, James Torres, said. “This actually shows you that campus life is going to start getting active, it’s going to show you that people are on campus.”

As the revival of student life continues, events such as this assist student organizations on campus with recruiting after a quiet, past two years of COVID restricting everything.

“This event is just so helpful because it just brings the club to new people, especially new students, which is what we always want, we always want new students to join,” President of G.A.M.E.R., Thalia Guardarrama, said. “We want everyone to join, especially new students.”

From a visual standpoint, every table a student club set up had students asking questions about their organization. Students were playing chess with the Chess club, playing “Mortal Kombat” with G.A.M.E.R. and learning more about the fraternities at RIC.

To put simply, the atmosphere showcased both the reality of student life being back and that Student Activities Day went two for two this school year.

Those who couldn’t make the event can still be involved on campus. Students can email Smith at and reach out to the student organizations directly via the contact information here or through their social media pages.


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