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Jenarita Plante

Anchor Staff Writer

A vibrant crimson cardinal sits atop a cherry blossom tree,

Singing sweet melodies of spring,

It’s song of cheer melts the last of the winter snow.

The tree awakens from her silent slumber.

The iridescent frost thawing from her limbs,

Ice crystals disappear from where they once were.

The small sapling shivers as her timber is bare.

The spring sun above gleams,

Warming each limb and arising tiny buds.

Soon, buds turn to blossoms,

Hues of white and pink delicately dance upon their flesh,

Inviting flocks of birds to nest upon a peaceful perch.

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of life,

Hatchlings wait for their mother to come near,

Before venturing out on their own into the world.

Gardens fill with fragrant fruits of diligent labors,

Waiting silently for helpful hands to harvest again.

The cardinal sneaks a morsel, with so much to spare.

The days turn to weeks, weeks turn into months.

Life continues to grow, to change, to repeat.

The seasons cycle back until it is spring again once more.


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