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Silent Beauty

Sh-Ron Almeida

Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo by Alycia Fung

Look at that girl over there. The one who is in the background, looking at the floor beneath her feet

She is beautiful

Her hair sparkles like diamonds. Her eyes glow with the sun

Her skin is as smooth as silk

The clothes she wears fit her perfectly. She has curves in all the right places

She is beautiful.

Do you know why?

Because she doesn’t stand out, nobody wants to notice her

She never speaks her mind, her opinions don’t matter

She always does as she is told, for she needs permission to speak

She doesn’t fight back, there is no point

She doesn’t eat, only when they tell her to

She cooks, cleans, and stays at home

She is submissive because she knows her fate’s sealed

She is obedient, a complete people pleaser

She is silent because her voice was stolen the moment she signed the contract

A silent beauty amongst the crowd

A lonely bird in a gilded cage

A woman who vows to break free someday

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