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Should video games be taken seriously?

Olivia Barone

Anchor Staff Writer

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The best in entertainment is often thought to be shown on the big screen or printed onto paper, not conveyed through the newest console. However, recent video games have proven otherwise, producing an interactive genre that soars above the standard. Could video games be taken seriously in the entertainment industry? Or are they doomed to be mistaken for brain rot?

Believe it or not, video games have been applauded for their value in entertainment. In 2004, the British Academy Film Awards began awarding the creative minds behind video games for their astounding work in the narrative industry. Several awards are presented to game creators at the event each year, recognizing many facets of game creation; story-telling among them. In 2021, the humble yet moving “Unpacking” was given the narrative award for its ingenious fiction as the player unravels heartfelt chronicles via moving boxes. The year before, in 2020, the dungeon-crawler, “Hades” was given the same award for its ability to utilize mythology in portraying a god’s escape from death. These games are so opposite it's almost laughable, but both displayed undeniable narrative feats worthy of national recognition.

This year, the Grammys created their own category to recognize the incredible music that video games can offer. Namely, The Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media award will be presented to its first recipient in 2023. Nominees will be announced this month, but many already have their bets on who might take the crown. “Horizon Forbidden West” has already been recognized for having 2022’s best video game soundtrack by the Music and Sound Awards, winning both of the accolades: Best Original Composition in gaming and Best Sound Design in Gaming. Time will only tell if the Grammys will agree, or pick another worthy champion.

Video games also have their own ceremonies to recognize their success. The Game Awards, created by Geoff Keighley in 2014, has annually awarded one game to be dubbed “Game of the Year.” Most recently in 2021, “It Takes Two” was the grand recipient, a decision that was accepted happily by fans across the platform. A strictly two-player adventure, “It Takes Two” follows the story of Cody and May, a married couple who are turned into dolls and forced to traverse a fantasy world, testing the limits of their relationship.

Gradually, interactive media is being recognized as an art, and the artists we can credit for their creation are being rewarded. Thus, the video game industry is thriving under this recognition and is continuing to produce more incredible projects worthy of applause.


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