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“Shoreline” opens spring submissions

Alex Paul

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Graphic by Kaitlyn Alexander

“Shoreline” is Rhode Island College’s literary magazine. Every spring, they publish a new issue of graduate and undergrad student work. This year they are looking forward to showcasing more student poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction pieces, photography and art.

A literary magazine can be described as a collection of work pertaining to short stories, short memoir essays, poems, photography and art. Many universities have their own literary magazine, however there are several larger magazines not associated with schools. As RIC’s literary magazine, “Shoreline” is focused on presenting the wide variety of voices and stories of RIC students.

During every spring semester “Shoreline” holds its general submission period. In the fall, they typically hold a contest, but in the spring, anyone can submit their stories, poems and photos for a chance to be included in the annual publication. Right now, students can submit their short story, creative nonfiction piece, poems, art and photography to for a chance to be published. Specific guidelines are included below:

  • Entries must be clearly titled, and previously unpublished works.

  • Up to five poems, five pieces of art/photographs, and prose pieces, which include fiction and creative nonfiction, can be submitted. The total word count for the prose pieces is up to 6000 words at a maximum.

The deadline to submit is Friday, Feb. 24.

Any and all questions can be sent to the same email address: Those who are interested in also being added to an email list for event updates and deadline extension notifications can also reach out to that email address.

Students who are interested in joining the “Shoreline” team, the class/club meets every Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Craig Lee 104. “Shoreline” is always looking for new members, and the experience can bolster one’s resume.

Students, both graduate and undergraduate, and from all majors are encouraged to participate. Everyone has a story, and “Shoreline” is the place for those stories to be told and creativity to be shown. Students’ work that are selected and published can also strengthen their resumes when searching for employment post-graduation.



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