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Shoreline’s 2022 annual Fall contest open until Oct. 31

Raymond Baccari


Graphic by Kaitlyn Alexander

Rhode Island College students have a chance this month to both embrace their creativity and get their work published. RIC’s annual Fall contest for their literary magazine, Shoreline, is accepting submissions until Monday, Oct. 31. Winners will not only have their work published in the magazine, but can win some money too. There is a $75 prize per category. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to enter.

There are a few guidelines for this contest. According to the Shoreline page on RIC’s website, general guidelines for this contest are:

  • You must be a currently enrolled RIC student, undergraduate or graduate.

  • Your submission(s) must be your own original work (nonpublished) and finished/revised.

  • Your submission(s), regardless of genre, must be titled.

  • And a submission to Shoreline does not guarantee that your piece will be published.

This contest is accepting entries in a few categories such as poetry, fiction, art/photography and creative nonfiction.

For poetry, students can submit a maximum of five poems in either a docx or PDF file. In the fiction category, students can turn in three pieces of flash fiction or one short story, with the word cap being 6,000 words and the font has to be Times New Roman 12. All of those pieces can be either in one double-spaced docx file or a PDF. The creative nonfiction submission follows the same guidelines as fiction – no more than 6,000 words, in Times New Roman 12-point font and must be either a PDF or double-spaced docx file. Students looking to submit art/photography entries can email five works as a .jpg file. Pictures of metalworking, sculptures and pottery are allowed.

Students are encouraged to enter in each category if they desire. The submissions have to be both original and unpublished.

This opportunity can also bolster one’s resume. Seniors who enter and win could include this on their portfolio when searching for a job.

Winners of the contest will be announced on Thursday, Dec. 1. Those interested in submitting their work for this contest must email it to In the email, Shoreline asks students to state their name and genre of their piece in the subject line.


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