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Shoe review: Top three running shoes that will fuel your New Year’s exercise goals

Ali Rei

Opinions Editor

As we hit the ground running in the new year, most of us are probably trying to figure out how to execute the resolutions we made in 2023. I first made the resolution in 2019 to get into running but I had no idea where to start. I was unaware that there were certain stretches I should do before and after I run, certain times I should eat before and after working out and certain strategies I could implement when creating my training plans. Figuring out this hidden curriculum was challenging, but once I did it I noticed a great difference in my progress. Even though I started to grasp the ins and outs of running, there was still one more aspect that I struggled to understand: what running shoes to wear. There were different kinds of shoes for different kinds of arches, foot widths and distances. Trying to understand it all was confusing at first and a little overwhelming. However, after analyzing my feet and my personal running goals, I quickly knew what shoes were for me. Here are the top 3 running shoes that’ll get you to the finish line of your 2024 resolutions and more importantly, how to pick them.

The Fresh Foam X 1080v13
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The journey to picking your shoes starts with a visit to your local running store. I highly suggest conversing with a professional instead of trying to navigate the world of running shoes on your own. Personally, I recommend Rhode Runner, a locally owned running store in Providence, RI. More often than not, designated running stores will perform something called a “gait analysis” to see what kind of arches you have. This test consists of walking and running up and down a straight path as a professional watches you. During this analysis, the professional will watch for certain movement in your feet and arches. Once the assessment is done, you’ll be brought a few different shoes to try on. Having been a former shoe analyst myself, here are the top three shoes I brought out:

  1. The Brooks Ghost 15: Coming in at number one on my list is the Brooks Ghost 15. This shoe is great for runners with neutral arches and medium/wide feet. I found that the Ghosts are a great everyday workhorse, able to get everything from your speed workouts to your long runs done with ease. Comfort from this shoe comes from the special DNA Loft foam, which provides a nice energy return and eventually molds to your feet over time. To hype up this shoe even more, it’s carbon neutral. 

  2. The Hoka Arahi 7: Coming in at number two on my list is the Hoka Arahi 7. This shoe is great for runners with low arches and medium/wide feet. The Arahi utilizes something called “J Frame Technology”, which is denser foam on the medial side of the shoe that helps support flat arches. Aside from the super soft foam and stylish looks, this shoe is also great for someone additionally suffering from achilles issues. 

  3. The New Balance 1080 v13: Last but not least, coming in at number three, my personal favorite, the New Balance 1080 v13. I trained with this shoe all through my running days and they never let me down. The 1080 v13 is great for people with medium/high arches and medium/wide feet. Since high arches tend to spill over to the lateral side of the foot, a wide base of cushioning that encompasses the entire foot is needed. The shoe has a wide base of cushioning so the foot is supported however it lands, which in turn supports the arch. 

Picking up running can be quite scary, but after figuring out the logistics it becomes really exciting and enjoyable. Getting fit for my running shoes was one of the most special days in my running career and it’ll honestly be an experience that sticks with me forever. Whether you’re running half marathons or just down the street and back, you’re a runner. Get out there and enjoy your new shoes. 


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