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Season 4 of the Netflix show “You” proves not to disappoint

Jenarita Plante

Anchor Staff Writer

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If you are a Netflix junkie like me, you’ve most likely come across the show “You” while scrolling through the endless titles. Often in the top 10 during seasonal releases, “You” is a fan favorite; thus proving society’s fixation with the sick and twisted worlds of the human mind. I for one, find myself binge-watching the season in its entirety within the first few days of its Netflix existence.

“You” focuses on a central character of Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley and his sick and twisted world. In season one, Goldberg is introduced to the audience as a quiet book store owner and conservator. He seems kind and reserved and like someone you would want as your best friend.

As he works in New York City, Goldberg sees the girl of his dreams. He instantly becomes obsessed with her and using his tech savvy ways, learns how to make her fall in love with him. We also learn just how easy it is for Joe to murder throughout the season and learn the backstory of what made him into the modern day Jekyll and Hyde.

Needing a new start, season two and three see Goldberg move to Los Angeles, California. Swearing that he would do better and leave his murderous ways behind, Goldberg tries to convince the viewers that he has changed. He quickly meets and falls in love with Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti, and tries to hide his true self from her.

As Golbderg begins to fall back into old habits, he soon realizes that Quinn is a female version of him. Their selfsame behavior proves to create a tumultuous relationship for the two of them throughout the seasons. After getting married and having a child, their behaviors only seem to escalate. The season ends in the most tragic of ways, with Goldberg again needing a new start.

Season four begins in Paris, France where Goldberg has followed a ghost from his past. Realizing that there is no chance at love, he runs to London, England. Goldberg swears he will not fall in love and will focus on his job as a professor; this quickly changes when he meets his neighbor Kate, played by Charlotte Ritchie, who is a wealthy art dealer with a window he can easily overlook.

After saving her life one night, he follows her to a party where he befriends a group of wealthy, pompous and arrogant Brits. As members of the group begin mysteriously dying, Goldberg quickly interjects himself into the group as their shoulder to cry on. He finds himself in yet another psychologically thrilling situation.

As like the previous seasons, season four proves to be entertaining, thrilling and chilling. It continues to prove that everything is not always the way it seems. For those like me that can usually guess a plot pretty quickly, it is extremely hard to know what will come next. This just makes the show all the more interesting. Badgley delivers a horrifyingly chilling portrayal of this character and once again leaves viewers hoping for another season.

If you haven’t yet checked out “You,” head to Netflix. Make sure to start with season one, since the storyline is so well developed continuously throughout the series.


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