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RICovery is the recovery program we deserve; reserve a seat Nov. 17

Kaicie Boeglin


Image via Brynn Terry

PROVIDENCE, R.I., — Run by students and sponsored by Lifespan, RICovery will host a Narcan Overdose Prevention Training on Nov. 17. Students can get educated on how to save a life through preparation skills and hands-on training. RICovery is an underrated, wise and rightfully needed recovery program at Rhode Island College (RIC). This organization provides an open space for all those in recovery; substance abuse is not the main focus.

Along with narcan training and access to fentanyl test strips RICovery offers advocacy against stigmatism and supports recovery in all aspects. Those suffering with their mental health, an eating disorder, neglect from homelife and domestic abuse can find an outlet through RICovery. Group meetings, more along the lines of discussion, are held every other Wednesday in the Unity Center from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. The following dates remain for the fall semester: Nov. 3, Nov. 17. and Dec. 1.

RICovery is about students supporting students, but draws on outside help to be properly educated. On Nov. 17 in the RIC Ballroom, Lifespan in partnership with RICovery will present a Narcan Overdose Prevention training. This event begins at 12:15 p.m. and will last a few hours. The narcan training will be with both the nasal and needle injector forms. A powerpoint regarding opioids and guest speakers will also be presented. This event and organization present a collective opportunity for students to normalize recovery. To sign up for the event please scan the QR code provided in the graphic or email

Any individual seeking refuge or solace while in recovery can find it within RICovery in the form of compassion and further understanding. RICovery is composed of students all recovering from more than pandemic living. The common struggles most students deal with that go unaddressed are talked about now: eating disorders and food security while on a college budget, mental health and the deeper stress of home life while being a student, the stigmatism associated with substance abuse and much more.

RICovery is about action and active precaution. Access to the fentanyl test strips are to help avid substance abusers see what they are really intaking. The results are shocking and do help ease substance users off their substance choice. The organization and members of Lifespan will be teaching how to use these fentanyl test strips at the Nov. 17 event. Students that are unable to attend RICovery meetings, desire anonymity or seek further information can contact Follow their Instagram as well for future events to come.



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