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RIC Winter Fest 2022

Kaicie Boeglin


Flyer via Kaicie Boeglin

On Feb. 19 the Rhode Island College Alumni Association will be holding Winter Fest 2022. Join the RIC Alumni and the outer college community for an afternoon of live music, food, games and other winter activities. There will be an event conducted on the campus quad from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., as well as a session of ice skating in the BankNewport City Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Those planning to attend the on-campus activities can expect an afternoon of smiles and stories from RIC students, alumni, faculty and staff and those that create the RIC support family. The on-campus events require proof of vaccination and boosters to attend. However, this rule does not apply to the ice skating session as it is not on campus. The campus event is free to students and children 12 and under. Attendees who are not students or children will need to purchase a ticket for $5.

The ice skating session comes at a cost of $10 to all and includes skates, hot chocolate, and other goodies to be served in the heated pavilion. The BankNewport City Center is located at 2 Kennedy Plaza in Providence. Tickets for the RIC Alumni Association ice skating session can be purchased here.

Tickets for both the on-campus and ice skating events can be purchased through Eventbrite. Although students and children have free admission to the on campus event, a ticket order must still be placed through Eventbrite. By following the Rhode Island College Alumni Association on Eventbrite you can be updated whenever they post events.

The Rhode Island College Alumni Association proudly serves over 75,000+ graduates. This group provides resources, events and benefits to the entire RIC community because they acknowledge before one can be an alum, they are a student surviving the journey of acquiring knowledge. This event was set in place to remind the current student body that their efforts do not go unnoticed, as well as an offering of fun in this ongoing pandemic. This organization defines what it means to be an Anchor in their own way by being those that advocate, network, contribute, help, organize, recruit and serve their community from the inside out.



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