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RIC students premiere original movie “Endings”

Sophia DiNaro

Anchor Staff Writer

Photo by Sophia DiNaro

The Rhode Island College Film Studies Program premiered their original anthology movie “Endings” last Friday night. This premiere celebrated the hardworking, talented student cast and crew, as well as the completion of the film program’s first fully student-produced project.

“Endings” was produced throughout the entire academic year. Pre-production began during FILM 372 in the fall, and filming and editing occurred this spring for FILM 374. It features three original short films directed by RIC students Angelica DiMaio, Emily Daltorio and Greg Jason, all connected by the common titular theme of endings.

The evening began with a walk down the red carpet into Gaige 100, which was packed with supportive family members, friends and the talented filmmakers themselves. Dr. Rosalind Sibielski and Professor Neal Mercier, the movie’s co-executive producers, kicked off the premiere with prideful, passionate remarks, praising the filmmakers for their hard work and positivity throughout the challenging production. Sibielski noted that filming lasted for a total of 107 hours over six weeks, and it took four weeks to assemble the final cut.

DiMaio’s uplifting short “Show Me How to Live” kicked off this screening. It told the story of a woman who struggles to choose between pursuing a practical life and following her dreams while grieving the recent loss of her partner. DiMaio efficiently communicated a common emotional dilemma with authentic characters and a relatable storyline, which was inspired by her own decision to return to school at 30-years-old to pursue her passion for filmmaking. DiMaio is earning her degree this spring and plans to pursue film production soon thereafter.

The screening continued with “Growth Spurt,” a wholesome tale directed by Daltorio. It followed recent high school graduate Quinn’s emotional process after hearing about her close friend Tara’s decision to attend college out of state. The story hit close to home and was supplemented by both excellent cinematography and a calming soundtrack. Daltorio is finishing out her sophomore year at RIC, and will continue to develop her directorial style through the rest of her college career.

Jason’s “Politics Are Falling Apart,” which satirizes today’s outlandish political conditions, closed out the premiere. The short featured a debate between two distinct presidential candidates: the level-headed Senator Richards and the Trump-esque Possum King. The comically ridiculous debate highlighted the stark differences in each candidate, as well as their respective supporters. Jason is also graduating this semester and plans to relocate to pursue film production.

After showcasing their hard work, RIC’s talented filmmakers conducted a brief Q&A session, during which they discussed their creative processes, inspirations and future plans. “Endings” serves as a reminder that change is necessary to our development. The challenges and emotions that feel like they’ll break us often don’t; instead, they allow us to expand our views and open the doors to new, unexpected opportunities. “Endings” is available to watch on the RIC Film Studies Program’s YouTube channel.


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