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RIC Shoreline presents its annual launch party

Alex Paul

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Graphic by Kaitlyn Alexander

Shoreline has been the literary magazine of Rhode Island College since the late ‘80s. Over the course of its life, Shoreline has been passed from professor to professor. Showcasing student poetry, prose, photography and art, it has been a creative outlet for both undergraduate and graduate students at RIC.

An excellent class to hone skills in creative communication, planning, marketing and editing, Shoreline will be taught by Dr. Michael Michaud in the fall semester.

Students from the fall and spring semesters have been working hard to collect and select a variety of student work. Each year they receive dozens of submissions in multiple categories, making it difficult to select pieces to be included in the spring publication.

Ever since Dr. Carrie Shipers took over the course back in 2016, she has been the faculty supervisor and professor for Shoreline’s yearly production. Shipers has carefully assisted students in the creation of beautiful magazine issues that exemplify the creative and diverse voices at RIC.

“It’s amazing,” one student recounts their time in the class, “Shoreline always has a small class, and we always create quality issues. Even during the pandemic, while we didn’t have a launch party, we still published our magazine. It’s just astounding to see it all come together.”

Last year’s launch party was a huge success and an excellent time. Continuing that tradition, this spring we have the launch party for this year’s issue. This issue will feature work by Lissette Quiñones, Sarah Bardsley, Stefany Bennett, Gabrielle Patrone and Emily Robbins just to name a few contributors.

This year’s launch party will showcase readings by contributors, raffle tickets for door prizes, free food and, of course, issues to be purchased. Students can purchase one copy of this issue for $3, or even two for $5. This is a cash only event.

The event will be held this Thursday, April 27, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Gaige Hall, room 200.

Let’s show some fellow Anchors our support. Come on down, enjoy the food, listen to the contributor readings and spend some time celebrating with friends, family and staff. All are welcome to attend.


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