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“Pressure Cooker” (2023) Netflix series showcases local Rhode Island chef

Alex Paul

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Image via John-Mark Smith/Pexels

Local chef, Brian Nadeau, competes in a “Big Brother” and “Top Chef” hybrid Netflix show.

Nadeau is the owner of Cranston’s Cucina Rustica restaurant, serving fresh and delicious Italian cuisine. A hard working entrepreneur, Nadeau worked his way up the restaurant ranks; starting out as a dishwasher, now he is a successful business owner. Netflix eagerly reached out to Nadeau, encouraging him to join the show. Hesitant at first, Nadeau took a chance, and joined the competition.

The premise of “Pressure Cooker” is as follows: 11 chefs compete under one roof for the grand prize of $100,000. The catch is that their meals are not assessed by a panel of judges, but rather by their fellow chefs. Immediately their personalities and attitudes play a role in their survival in the contest.

Tensions rise and tears are shed as things heat up in the kitchen. Cooking only becomes part of each contestant’s survival tactic as people are judged by their dishes, attitudes and supposed threat levels. Filled with drama, passionate people and heartfelt moments, this show will quickly become a favorite as the genres of cooking and reality TV collide. As much as I would love to spoil the ending, I encourage you to see the story unfold for yourself. “Pressure Cooker” is now streaming on Netflix.

In the end, Nadeau looks back on his experience with the lessons he’s learned. Nadeau told ABC 6 News in an interview earlier this month, “I started doubting myself when I was there.” However, once his supporters reminded him of his accomplishments Nadeau concluded that, “one of my biggest takeaways was to just be a little more confident in what I do.” Nadeau also expressed that this experience taught him more about himself and about his career. Even if he does not see himself participating in a similar show, Nadeau’s journey has inspired and encouraged others to follow their goals.

In the end, Nadeau returns to his family and business where he hopes his restaurant will thrive following the show’s release. It is always good to have a Rhode Island local on the big screen to represent our state. Go show him some love, stream the show and check out his restaurant.


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