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Men’s and Women’s track and field finish semester at Beacon Invite

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Aidan Thompson

Assistant Sports Editor

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This past weekend, both men’s and women’s track and field competed at UMass Boston’s Beacon Invite, at The Track at New Balance. The meets were done as individual events, meaning there was no team scoring. Both teams ended the fall semester season with some impressive times.

For the men, Sophomore Justin Dorsey set a new record for RIC during the 5,000m.

Dorsey finished 12th in the 5,000m with a time of 15:45.56. He was 26th in the mile, having a time of 4:39.32.

Sophomore Mahari Nayte earned first place for the 800m, at 1:53.82. For this event, Nayte's ranking is 10th out of the whole country, alongside his No. 1 ranking out of all New England.

For the weight throw, freshman Shamus Culhane placed fourth, throwing for 15.34m. Culhane also has a high ranking out of the country for this event: No. 5. Ryan Hazard, who is also a Freshman, threw for 14.88m in the shot, finishing fifth. Hazard also threw for 13.89m in the weight throw, earning him 15th place. Similar to his teammates, Hazar had high rankings, too, ranking No. 3 out of New England and 16th nationally for the shot. Freshman Brandon Mota threw for 14.12m, placing 14th, and Junior Christopher McCarthy finished 21st with 11.38m.

In the triple jump, Senior Edward Garofalo placed fifth at 13.03m.

For the long jump, Freshman Izaiah Karweh and Freshman Isiah Briggs placed18th and 20th, 5.45m and 5.31m, respectively. Briggs also finished the 200m at 53rd place, with at time of 24.34 seconds.

In the 1,000m, at 2:43.23, Freshman Dante DiGregorio placed 18th. During the 800m18th and 19th place were Senior Austin Michael and Freshman Juan Reyes, earning times of 2:08.40 and 2:09.55, respectively. Michael also placed 41st during the mile, with a time of 4:54.64. And for the 3,000m, with a time of 9:46.07 Freshman Aiden Powers placed 20th.

For the women's meets, Junior Emily Vogt placed fourth during the 5,000m, earning a time of 20:09.79.

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Freshman Haley Oliver, the reigning Little East Conference Track Athlete of the Week and LEC Track Rookie of the week, placed fifth in the mile with a time of 5:22.55. She also holds a high ranking both in New England and throughout the country in the mile: Eighth and 10th, respectively. Alongside her performance in the mile, Oliver was 12th place for the 3,000m, earning a time of 10:59.10.

Freshman Milana Melvin was also reigning LEC Rookie Field Athlete of the week. For the shot put, she placed 19th, throwing 9.09m, and Sophomore Hayley Chartier placed 18th at 9.46m. Also in the weight throw, Sophomore Samantha Sainristil placed ninth at 13.58m, Sophomore Fatima Anne threw for 12.69m, finishing 10th and 11th was Graduate Melissa Mejia at 12.68m. Alongside her performance in the weight throw, Sainristil finished 14th in the shot at 10.01m.

For the 5,000m, Freshman Amanda Hebert, having a time of 20:48.22, finished sixth. During the 800m, Sophomore Johnna Gallo placed 10th, earning a time of 2:36.68.

For the 400m, Freshman Valeria Uribe Calderon finished 18th at 1:07.11. At the 200m, she placed 60th with a time of 29.67 seconds and 23rd during the long jump at 4.45m.

Both teams ended the season strong as they have almost a whole month until the next meet. Their next meets are during the Tufts Jumbo Invite on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 10 a.m.


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