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Look Who i found- poem about regaining hope

Lissette Quiñones

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Image via Lennart Wittstock

‘Look for too long and it may just pass you by’

We should move on and not trust this valued lie

I stood for a moment and no second was spent alone

You could’ve went roaming but you never left when in rome

Perhaps it was too childish of me to fall for false accusations

A relapse of my wildness, such poor impulses had too strengthened

Its stability was as fragile as broken strands

But still we need to haggle because the omen’s damned

It was damaged as soon as I thought you had left

I felt stranded with my wounds and basked in flesh

Yet you remained with a semblance of togetherness

And proclaimed we are endless and forever rich

But for quite some time I could not abide by such truth

Like seeing the sunrise at the same time the dust blew

Because you spoke of sweetness and I savored the salt in it

I wrote and said it was neatless so the paper would fall adrift

Following its flow which led me to this vanity with you and I

Offering to go amidst the damned deceased and wonder whose alive

More or less, I’d begun to tear apart my pretty face

No warm caress, for I was amongst the dark of a cityscape

Miles and miles stretched out and created constellations of my scabs

Too riled and too wrecked now, it was the greatest complication I’ve had

Speaking as if it’s gone would be talking with a foot in my mouth

Even if I wasn’t strong, you often took over so I wouldn’t die out

I am not the type of person to give up in a crisis

But it was enticing yet hurting so its as if I might be

And yet you stood strong in the eye of such a storm

While I’d forget to look beyond so I would just mourn

Crying as if I was made a member into the crazy world as a newborn

Then someone raised the temperature of a baby girl who was luke warm

Suddenly I came to life and noticed my true self

Somebody made me right when I was hopeless and refused help

Ironically that person was you without acknowledgement

With all honesty, I thought I was endowed with raw toxicants

If it came to us, I wanted to proceed with caution

But I think it’s safe enough to believe you aren’t a toxin

Perhaps your presence all along was a gift of its own kind

You were my blessing and beyond but I insisted no time

So I will take the fault in the mishap of our stop

I escaped it all just to get back to the counter spots

Because I would do it all over again it if meant I would find myself

You were able to show her the amendment of my own health

So for that, know that I Love You for ending this foolery

It's enough knowing I wasn’t independent, cause you were me.


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