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Livin' like a local: Joe Bruce takes the 401 overseas

Kaicie Boeglin

Anchor Contributor

Photo by rcam_imaging; via Instagram

The Ocean State is making a venture across the seas courtesy of Joe Bruce and the Water Bearer Music Group. Rhode Island hip-hop artist Joe Bruce will be performing his introspective verses in France, specifically Marseille and Montpellier, then in England in Liverpool and Manchester.

Dedication and heart is what makes dreams come true. This is proof by the incoming legacy of Joe Bruce. This admirable man with a blessed soul aims to change the lives of others everywhere he goes.

Bruce is a man that uses the individual chords, melodies and rhythms as a commodity. He will trade rifts, drums and verses to work with others on production, for the experience and knowledge rather than a fee alone. Music for him is about the message within the lyrics, giving the audience a real and raw story and crafting a different sound. If the project cannot cover these aspects, then Bruce does not bless it with his time. This mantra is what connected him on a track with European artist Bloom Bat and thus projected his journey.

If you want a hard freestyle with grit, great diction, an astounding message and familiarity, check out Bruce’s In Da Club Freestyle. See for yourself how this man eats up the mic.

If you need a boost of creativity and confidence, watch “Caligula.” The Water Bearer himself becomes one with the Earth as his friends bury him alive in real time. The WBMG takes metaphors and symbolism to a level so intricate within videos it’s as if playing ISpy. The way phrases, thoughts and visuals are combined are both innovative and graceful.

Bruce is living for more than himself and his music. As one of the greats, he focuses his dream around his wife and kids, as well as his community. The only claim to fame here is being true to oneself and making soulful music with others in the same mindset. As put in his Still Trippin' Freestyle, “I don't watch Empire because a young [man] trying to build one.”

Bruce is the definition of why you should not give up on musical goals. He began rapping for a career in 2017, dropped his first E.P. “Audiowater” in April 2018 and then created his own record label, Water Bearer Music Group, in 2020. There are currently four artists signed to WBMG and the label will be dropping new music this year. As a growing icon, this man and label will never disappoint.

Make sure to stay updated with all things related to WBMG on both Instagram and YouTube.


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