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“Like Father”: Entertaining, uplifting and humorous

Jenarita Plante

Anchor Staff Writer

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As the weather gets colder this season, I have been finding myself watching more Netflix to avoid the bitter cold. Scrolling past titles indecisively, I found the film “Like Father,” starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen. Judging from the trailer as well as the cast, I felt it had potential, but continued to look through choices before ultimately settling on the film. My husband quietly read his book, not interested in the least.

As the movie began, “Like Father” quickly grew on me. Its premise: A work-a-holic woman, Rachel, played by Bell, is left at the altar after taking a work call before walking down the aisle. Her estranged father, Harry, played by Grammer, is in attendance; after not seeing him in several decades. Harry convinces Rachel to go for a drink with him after her devastating fiasco of a wedding. The pair become heavily intoxicated and end up on the couples cruise. Forced into conversation and the same room, the two hash out decades worth of drama and grudges. During this cruise, Rachel also meets Jeff, played by Rogen, who becomes clingy after a one night stand. Throughout the film, Rachel finds out just how much like her own work-a-holic father she is and ultimately sees the life she does not want to live.

Though I was originally hesitant on my film choice, I found “Like Father” to be extremely entertaining – so much so that my husband even put his book down after the first ten minutes to watch it with me. The cast is known for their comedic relief and they flawlessly added comedy throughout the film. The film also had its serious parts which were performed well enough that my eyes filled with tears.

“Like Father” was a surprise of a movie, in the sense that I was thrown off by parts of the plot. I can usually expertly guess what is going to happen next, and on several occasions, I was surprised by the twists that the film created. Overall, I would say that the film “Like Father” is entertaining, uplifting and humorous. Definitely a film that you should stop scrolling, and start watching.


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