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Level99 comes to Providence: Rebranding American social entertainment

Kaicie Boeglin 

News Editor 

Be ready for your next adventure in Providence at Level99, a whole new way to game. Located in the Providence Place Mall on the third floor, this immersive gaming arena offers challenges, hunts, duels and dining. This affordable entertainment brings social gaming to the modern day by instituting movement and removing screen time.

Level99 is no escape room but rather a gaming experience composed of themed rooms, challenge duels and an art scavenger hunt. Think American Ninja Warrior and Sherlock Holmes had a baby. The 48,000-square-foot space has over 30 hours of gameplay. Rooms are meant for two to six players and can be a mix of mystery, skill, communication or physical based. Challenge duels are combative for two players and the “Art Hunt” can be played by any individual. Player cards are connected to the player's email address allowing their points to be tracked and continuously added over various visits. A majority of the games are wheelchair accessible and a list of epileptic friendly rooms can be provided. 

Image Credits: Chris Winroth

The Art Hunt is composed of art from fifty different local artists. This establishes a mini art museum in the heart of the creative capital. However, the scavenger hunt offers a game within each art piece. Founder Matt DuPlessie was insistent on “a unique challenge design and compelling entertainment.” Have you ever wanted to try to beat the laser hallway in Resident Evil? Try the game Crystal Jump. Need to settle a score with a friend? Then tackle the challenge Lightning.

Level99 also has a licensed partnership with Night Shift Brewing. This gives way to twenty plus beers on tap, craft beers and cocktails, award-winning food and exceptional hospitality. Players can sit and order food in the restaurant or in between games in the common area. Known for Boston's Best Pizza according to Boston Magazine, Night Shift has the best Detroit style pizza in New England. Some of their other best-selling dishes are the birria french dip, Level Up burger and baked mac and cheese. All of which pair well with a “Homesick at Space Camp” or “What's My Age Again” cocktail. Yes - cocktails with a punk rock song title. All of the food is farm fresh and locally sourced to enhance flavor and compassion.

Level99 is a reference to old gameplay in that you could only get to 99 levels. This place is the final form of enjoyable entertainment with the right balance of physical and virtual necessity. Level99 is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday but Friday and Saturday are open until midnight. First Natick, Massachusetts - and now Providence, Rhode Island - with three more locations to open by 2025 in Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Each location will have some challenge rooms that carry over, but each will open with predominantly newly themed rooms. Every location will have set pricing: $29.99 for 2-hours of gameplay, $39.99 for 4-hours and $49.99 for a full-day. 


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